Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why You Should Play Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress Classic is easily one of the best games I've ever played. It has so much variety in its game play styles it blows my mind. From offensive engineers to supportive medics, this game can offer something unique to your style of game playing. I've been playing TFC since it first came out, over ten years ago and I'm still not bored of it yet. There are so many map types and mini-game-maps to play on, you could practically play forever. Out of the many types of maps, one in particular has really caught my attention. Concing. Conc maps are where you use your concussion grenades you get as a scout or a medic to propel yourself through the obstacles and to the end of the 'jump'. It's such a unique style of game play that I have yet to find anywhere else. If you find yourself getting bored of concing, there are many, many more different styles of game play on countless custom maps you can check out. Check out this video I made a while ago of me doing some of the harder conc jumps. Keep in mind this is an old video and these jumps aren't really considered hard anymore.

I'm going to list off the different styles of game play available in TFC - This wont be a complete list but it will give you an idea of just how customizable this game is and what it can offer you.

CTF - Capture The Flag is what TFC was made for. Steal the enemy's flag and get it to your capture point. Pretty simple.
A/D - Attack and Defend is another popular style where the attackers try to advance their flag to the capture points while the defenders try to stop them. Teams will usually switch off between one round of attacking and one of defending for each.
Escape - Escape maps are basically co-op puzzle maps where you and your teammates try to work your way through the map to get to the end. There is usually a story to go along with the map to give you a reason for escaping. There are literally countless possibility's for escape maps.
QR - Quad Rocket maps are maps where you use the rocket launcher you get as a soldier to shoot yourself through the obstacles or 'jumps' to get to the end. Again there are countless possibility's for maps for this style of game play.
Sniper - Sniper maps are usually two bases where snipers try to take each other out.
Mini-Golf - Mini-Golf maps are where one player is a 'ball' and has limited movement but bounces off the walls and slides along the ground very easily. The other player is the 'golfer' and is usually a sniper. The golfer will charge the sniper rifle and shoot the ball player (usually civilian class) and try to get him into the hole.

I won't list any more but there are plenty more. This game has countless possibility's. The mapping system is one of the most freely customizable mapping tool available for any game to date. You can make anything in the Valve Hammer Editor Tool, I even started a blog about it where I'll be posting articles related to mapping and helping people learn about the different tools in VHE. Simply put, you need to play this game if you haven't already. The only downfall to this game I would say is the skill cap. There have been times where I've dominated teams of 5 or more by myself, and getting beat that hard by 1 player can be very discouraging to anyone regardless of how good they are or how long they've been playing. Newer games seem to make it easy for a person to just pick up the game and start winning. I don't personally like it but I can still enjoy the games that turn out like this.

Simply put, TFC is a great game that deserves your attention. Give it a try if you haven't, it's about 5 dollars on steam.


  1. great game, used to play this before steam came out. those were the times. i think this game never received enough recognition because of counter-strike, but man seeing this does bring some memories back

  2. I remember playing this back at highshool days with my friends. It's really good game.

    Following, bro

  3. My buddies used to play this instead of learning. They're college dropouts now. :D

  4. Haven't had the pleasure of playing it, looks great though.

  5. Ahh TFC! I remember getting this game back when I got all the other half-life games on Steam. I didn't really like it cause it was too fast paced for me. I kept dying haha. I'd much rather play this than TF2 now, that game turned into a lame cash shop game. Like all those Korean games that you can play for free. It took the fun out of it. I'll be checking your blog out more. I haven't seen many blogs talk about games this nostalgic

  6. tried to set it up once, never got it to work. Is it like TF2 or did they go with a different approach with it?

  7. Good old Team Fortress, still a great game.

  8. wow, thats pretty cool, nice conc vid, makes me want to try this out.

  9. TFC is great but, TF2 beats it originally, before it become Hat Fortress.

  10. @ratkicker - TELL ME ABOUT IT!

    I literally was about to say exactly that, TF2 was awesome before valve dragged it through the mud with their money grabbing BS

    I just hope they never try that with CS:S